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Abbottabad International Medical College Admission Forms, Fee Structure

Abbottabad International Medical College is one of the most famous college in Pakistan. There is an estimated need of 50,000 doctors in our country. Only about 3000-3500 are inducted each year in the medical colleges the public sector whereas the number of students seeking admission in these colleges is well over 22,000. In the backdrop of the population explosion in Pakistan and other developing countries, the need for doctors is expected to grow many times. As public sector education in professional colleges of Pakistan is highly subsidized, we cannot expect the government exchequer to stretch further to create more medical colleges, which can cater for the over-growing need for doctors. It is therefore imperative that the private sector also participates in this task and provides more opportunities for training doctors. The government has a policy to encourage establishment of medical institution in the private sector so that the burden is shared.

AIMC admissions starts after the completion of F.Sc. Examination of different Intermediate Boards. Admission to Abbottabad International Medical College are open to all Pakistani male and female, overseas Pakistanis and foreign nationals who fulfill the education requirement as laid down by the PMDC.

Abbottabad International Medical College Admission Forms, Fee Structure

The principal through an advertisement in national press invites applications on prescribed forms. Applications can be sent by registered post, through couriers, by E-mail or submitted personally. An entry test followed by an interview is held to assess the merit. Students who have already passed the entry tests of any other medical colleges are exempted form taking the entry test again.

Abbottabad International Medical College Entry Test & Selection
To determine merit for admission an entry test is held for the students belonging to the provinces where central entry test is not mandatory. The entry test is an objective type test of multiple-choice questions in the subject of English, Chemistry, Biology and Physics. There are 110 questions, 25 each from the above questions. For each questions, 4 possible answers are given. The candidate selects one answer. Every correct answer scores 4 marks and for every wrong answer one mark is deducted. A blank reply carries no marks. Marks gained in the entry test, F.Sc, Matriculation and interview have the following weight age toward accessing entry test merit.

1. Matric 10%
2. F.SC Pre Medical 30%
3. Central entry test 30%
4. Aptitude interview/test 30%

Government Entery Test is a requirement of PMDC for all candidates applying for admission in MBBS or BDS. In case of those candidates in whose province Entery test is not held, their entery test will be taken by the college.

Abbottabad International Medical College Tuition Fees
Medical education is expensive. According to PMDC Education Rules there has to be highly qualified and experienced teaching staff, other facilities and expensive equipments in different basis and clinical departments of a medical college. On the clinical side teaching hospital facilities are very costly. It is estimated that the cost of training a medical graduate in Govt. Medical college is over Rs. 9 million in five years in Pakistan. The same or similar training abroad costs about Ts. 20 million in the UK and still more in the USA. Whereas at AIMC it may cost about a tenth of international cost and less than about one fourth of the cost that Govt. incurs on training of a doctor in Pakistan.

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