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Amir Ismail & Associates Study Abroad & Immigration Consultants Karachi

Amir Ismail Associates (AIA), is a group of Immigration experts with more than 75 years of combined experience and proven track record in immigration consulting and support services. The business that was started with very humble beginnings is now proud to have our third generation assisting clients making their dream of a better life come true in a country of their choice. In doing so, we make sure that our clients applications are accorded the lawful representation of Authorized Representatives who are formally trained in immigration law.

Following a settlement based policy that goes beyond merely arranging the visa for the clients, we consider that our task only gets completed once our clients finally succeed in establishing themselves in the country of their choice. For us, it is never a matter of merely completing forms and submitting documents. Each case is thoroughly studied, meticulously prepared, and presented to immigration authorities in a way that best shows the merits of the candidate.

Amir Ismail Associates has provided biggest advantage our clients get when they retain us is that we do immigration consulting and ONLY immigration consulting. We understand that our clients need our absolute attention in their immigration matters. Hence we are totally focused on providing excellent immigration support services. We understand that people contact us for assistance in making Canada their home and expect quality and competitive immigration services from our Certified Canadian Immigration Consultant recognized by the Government of Canada for proper representation of their applications. and they deserve our utmost attention in their immigration matters.

Amir Ismail Associates has Authorized Representatives associated with AIA will be well- placed as our experts have a proven track record of achieving the desired results swiftly and legally with thorough understanding of clients needs who rely on our experience and ability to steer them safely through each stage of the immigration process. Amir Ismail & Associates has friendly, compassionate and competitive front line staff and provided Study Abroad Consultancy. Their clients have always found us ready to go an extra mile to serve them. This is the main reason that 90% of our business come from referrals by satisfied clients who have already landed in the UK and Canada with the assistance of our Authorized Representatives. We have big plans for the future.

Last but not the least, Mr. Amir Ismail, our licensed immigration practitioner has been proudly living, working and raising a family in Canada which works out to the benefit of our client whereby they not only receive proper immigration advice but also some very good guidance on living and a raising a family in Canada.
Amir Ismail & Associates Experienced:
1: With our third generation in Immigration Consulting Field, we have been assisting clients in their immigration matters since 1991 and we will be more than pleased to assist you as well.
2: We’ve successfully assisted thousands of applications since 1991
We have assisted thousands of clients worldwide with Canadian & Australian immigration matters and we are confident we can assist you too!
3: We deliver what we promise:
We work on a settlement based philosophy which does not mean just filling out the application form. It means that we listen to you, work with you to choose the best immigration option and strategy and work through the plan in order to secure the desired results legally.

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Amir Ismail & Associates Karachi Office:
Suite # 706, 7th Floor Kashif Centre, Sharah-e-Faisal, Karachi 74400, Pakistan
Email: info@amirismail.com Website: amirismail.com

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