What is an Associate of Applied Science Degree Programs

What is an Associate of Applied Science Degree Programs

Associate in Applied Science Degree. The Associate in Applied Science (AAS) degree program is very fanous and designed to meet the needs of mid-career adults in a wide range of applied fields. Students select the option, or major, that matches their expertise or profession.

What is a AAS degree?
A.S. stands for Associates of Science and A.A.S. stands for Associates in Applied Science. The AS degree mainly focuses on liberal arts, with topics that include, math, social sciences, English and history. With an AS degree there are only a few classes that are geared towards the subject of your major.

What is the Difference Between an AAS and an AS degree?
Associate of Science (A.S.) and Associate of Arts (A.A.) degrees are designed to prepare a student for transfer to a 4-year institution to pursue their bachelor’s degree. Associate of Applied Science (A.A.S.) and Associate of Applied Business (A.A.B.) degrees are “career” programs which prepare students for employment.

What Kind of Jobs can you get with an Associates Degree in Science?
These associate degree jobs make this education a wise decision.

  • Air Traffic Controller. Salary: $125,950.
  • Nuclear Technician. Salary: $80,260.
  • Radialogic Technologist. Salary: $80,220.
  • Computer Programmer. Salary: $79,530.
  • Nuclear Medicine Technologist. Salary: $73,360.
  • Dental Hygenist.
  • Registered Nurse.
  • Web Developer.

How Long does it take to get an Associate Degree in Applied Science?
Students who pursue this kind of degree full-time can complete a program in as little as two years— though many choose to go at their own pace. An associate degree translates into the first two years of a bachelor’s degree (freshman and sophomore years). Associate’s degrees have been popular for the last twenty years.

What is an Associate of Science Degree?
The Associate in Science (AS) is a two-year degree with an emphasis on courses such as biology, chemistry, engineering, geology, mathematics, or physics. Both of these programs prepare students for different majors at four-year institutions.

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