Australian Minister Won't Back Down on Visa Plan for White SA Farmers

Australian Minister Won’t Back Down on Visa Plan for White SA Farmers

CAPE TOWN – World most famous Australia’s Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton is not backing down on his plans to fast-track visas for white South African Farmers.

Australian Minister has been labelled a racist after he said white farmers “require special attention” as they’re being “persecuted”. He also said white farmers need protection from a civilised country like Australia.

Despite criticism, Dutton on Thursday told Sydney radio show 2GB that he won’t back down. The minister added that he is “completely blind to somebody’s skin colour”.

“I’m completely blind as to somebody’s skin colour. It makes no difference to me. It concerns me that people are being persecuted at the moment. That’s the reality.

“The number of people dying and being savagely attacked in South Africa is a reality.”

Dutton also hit out at ABC News, The Guardian and Huffington Post during the interview for criticising him, saying “the crazy lefties” are “completely dead” to him.

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