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Passport Requirements: Original, signed passport plus one photocopy of the information page. The passport must be valid for 6 months beyond stay in China, with at least two blank passport pages available for Chinese visa and entry stamps.

Do Pakistanis Need a Visa for China?
Instructions on Chinese Visa. Diplomatic passport holders of Pakistan are exempted from visa and may stay up to 30 days in the mainland of China,up to 14 days in Hong Kong SAR and Macao SAR respectively.

Do I need a Visa to Study in China?
Foreign students studying in China are required to hold an ordinary passport and either a X1 visa (study period of more than 180 days) or a X2 visa (study period of no more than 180 days.). Applicants should apply for a Chinese visa from their nearest Chinese Embassy or Consulate.

How much is a Student Visa in China?
The fee for X is same to the fee for other types of Chinese visa. Generally speaking, Chinese embassies or consulates only issue single entry X to foreigners. If you apply for it in the United States of America, the fee is US$140 for American citizens, US$30 for other citizens.

Do Pakistani Citizens need Visa for China?
Embassy of P.R.China in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. 1. Diplomatic/official passport holders are exempted from a visa to Mainland for 30 days, to Hong Kong and Macao for 14 days.

How do I apply for a Visa to China?
A holder of category J1 visa must apply for a residence permit at the local public security authorities within 30 days of entry into China. Original signed passport with at least six months of remaining validity and blank visa pages, and a copy of the passport’s data page and the photo page if it is separate.

What do I need to get a Visa to China?
Requirements for Chinese Visa Application. One completed Visa Application Form attached with a recently-taken passport photo (bare-head, full face, and against a light background). 3. Proof of legal stay or residence permit (for applicants who apply in a third country other than their country of citizenship).

Are International Students Allowed to Work in China?
Some students will be able to work whilst they are studying in China, either part time or in the holidays. Previously international students were not permitted to work in China, but now it is allowed to take internships as long as you get permission from your University.

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