Cyprus Study Visa Without Ielts, Cyprus Visa Requirements & Visa Guides

Cyprus Study Visa Without Ielts, Cyprus Visa Requirements & Visa Guides

Cyprus Study Visa Without Ielts, Cyprus is one of the most famous and 3rd biggest island in the Mediterranean and is between Europe, Asia and Africa. It is beautiful island to study abroad and provides awesome beaches, mountain scenery and a great cultural depth for any student to do the exploration of what it has to offer.

  • In order to get admission to one of the colleges or universities in Cyprus, you do not have to provide any proof of English language proficiency.
  • In several universities you may study in Cyprus without the IELTS score but there are some universities that ask for valid IELTS scores in order to get admission into a degree programme.
  • The applicant may opt for a foundation or a pathway program to get admission into the universities.
  • You do not need TOEFL or IELTS examinations in order to study in Cyprus.
  • The study in Cyprus without IELTS is a great option for the international students.
  • There is a nice opportunity for the international students in Cyprus without any requirement of IELTS.

Cyprus Study Visa Requirements

  1. Every student in Cyprus has to posses relevant permit that is provided by the migration department.
  2. The student visa is provided by a particular educational institution.
  3. A foreign student has to get a new residence permit in Cyprus.
  4. The international students from the non-European countries require a student visa to get into Cyprus.
  5. The student visas are given to the full time international students.
  6. You need a photocopy of the passport.
  7. There is the requirement of proof of funds to cover the living costs during the stay.
  8. You need a certificate of admission from the university.
  9. You need the university receipts of the amount paid to the university.
  10. The visa requirements for Cyprus are simple for the international students. You may contact us in order to know more about the visa requirements in Cyprus.
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