Freelance Fashion Designer NYC Admissions, Jobs & Careers

Freelance Fashion Designer NYC Admissions, Jobs & Careers

Freelance Fashion Designer NYC is one of the most famous boutique company here in New York City offering services from first fashion sketch to sewn sample for established companies & or new start-up collections. The founder and senior designer’s skills include graduating top of her class from two different esteemed design schools (F.I.T NYC, & Brooks College, C.A.) specializing in upscale evening wear. With a minor in tailoring, Lantie Foster actually has the personal skills to create patterns & sew samples from scratch on her own if needed for any clients.

These skills are very important to have overseeing any collection. Lantie Foster’s personal garments are pictured below. We are seeing numerous “design services” pop up by so-called “freelance designers” who do not have the actual skills or training on how to do basic important development steps on their own if they had to. Please be cautious. All design tasks are completed & or overseen by the senior freelance designer & her Professional Freelance Fashion Design Assistants.

Fashion Stylist Jobs Salary
FashionSchools lists that a mid-level career position can carry the title of Assistant Fashion Stylist and salaries can range from $500 to $5,000 a day. The Bureau of Labor Statistics discloses a median salary of about $64,500 a year for those with a fashion design background.

How Much does a Fashion Stylist make a Year?
An entry-level fashion stylist can expect to earn around $20 per hour or $150 – $200 a day. More experienced stylists may make between $500 and $5,000 daily, while those who work for the elite, such as celebrities and super-models, may earn over $5,000 a day or $100,000 annuall.

How do you Become a Fashion Stylist?
Let’s find out what steps you need to take to become a fashion stylist:
Step 1: Earn an Associate’s Degree. Many employers prefer a minimum of an associate’s degree for fashion stylist positions.
Step 2: Gain Experience and Network.
Step 3: Earn Certification.

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