Fruitland High School Students Net $46,000 in Scholarship

Fruitland High School Students Net $46,000 in Scholarship

Fruitland High School is most famous and four-year Public Secondary School in Fruitland, recently Fruitland Dollars for Scholars helps students in the Fruitland School District achieve the dream of going to college through Scholarships and academic support.

Fruitland Dollars for Scholars, was a major vision to promote and help of those students with Scholarships for this year’s graduates of Fruitland High School. The total Scholarships Awarding cost is $46,000 in aid to 27 students entering college, junior college and trade school. Scholarship recipients were selected on the basis of academic achievement and community involvement, including volunteer activity, with consideration given to student financial need.

Fruitland High School Students Net $46,000 in Scholarship

Image Source: The scholarships and the students who earned them follows.

Gulick; $1,500 Guild Mortgage: Sophie Cowgill and ReAnn Mahler; $1,000 Kelly Strough –

Spartan of the Year: Danielle Church; $1,000 Safari Club: Matt Murphy; $1,000 Dwaine Tesnohlidek: Josanna Marquez and RaAnna Dahle; $1,000 Billy O’Dell: Rebecca Galan; $1,000 Agile Homes: Jin Ma; $1,000 Lee Wright: Cheyenne Chapman; $1,000 Warrington Construction: Caleb Ziegler; $1,000 Pets Best: Grace Kelso; $1,000 Goldwings Realty: Jeremy Black and Madison Moore; $1,000 DL Evans Bank: Riley Cornia; $1,000 Bill and Jean Peterson: Rylie Davis; $1,000 Henggeler Families: Caleb Ziegler; $1,000 Four Year Renewable – Fruitland Dollars for Scholars: Mikel Berria; $2,000 Fruitland Dollars for Scholars: Miranda Stansbery; and $1,000 Fruitland Dollars for Scholars: Kristilla Brown, Alek Farmer, Katie Georgeson, Ashton Greif, Annalise Hanigan, Zane Jerman, Nathan Mack and Alyssa Plaza.

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