What is the General Business Major Degree, Jobs, Salary, Requirements

What is the General Business Major Degree, Jobs, Salary, Requirements

General Business Major Degree is most famous Degree Programs, A career in business is more varied than most people realize. Business degrees provide broad academic exposure to the critical elements that make organizations function efficiently. Thus, a business major can apply their skills to virtually any industry.

General Business Major Salary
Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA), General Business Median Salary by Job
Human Resources (HR) Manager: $71,600
Human Resources (HR) Director: $89,900
Account Manager: $46,200
General / Operations Manager: $61,590

General Business Administration Degree Jobs
As with almost all careers, the higher degree you hold, the higher your salary: A bachelor’s degree in business administration can add $2,000 to $5,000 or more per year in earning potential, while an MBA can add yet another $7,000 to $11,000, though many MBAs start out in higher-level management jobs.

General Business Administration Salary
Human Resources Management: $106,910
Food Service Management: $50,820
Health Care Administration: $83,810
Marketing Management: $131,180

General Business Major Requirements
All general business administration majors are strongly encouraged to include in their program of study an internship, a study abroad experience, or a minor in a field outside of the College of Business Administration. Courses required for the major are: BUS 335 Risk Management and Insurance.

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