Master of Criminal Justice Admissions, Salary, Criminal Justice Requirements

Master of Criminal Justice Admissions, Salary, Criminal Justice Requirements

The Master of Criminal Justice (MCJ) is most famous postgraduate Professional Master’s Degree Programs that is designed as a terminal degree for professionals in the field of criminal justice or as preparation for doctoral programs.

Master of Criminal Justice Salary
Whether you’ve completed your master’s degree in criminal justice or you’re kicking around with the some of these individuals earn a salary up to $140,000.

Master of Criminal Justice Requirements
The most famous Criminal Justice involves enforcing and maintaining laws, protecting U.S. citizens, and punishing individuals who commit crimes. A campus-based or online degree program in criminal justice provides students with a solid understanding of criminal justice and the related theories and concepts that apply to the legal and law enforcement fields. The Master of Criminal Justice programs include instruction on a variety of criminal justice topics, including criminology, corrections, forensic science, criminal law, criminal procedures, legal research and many more.

GPA Requirements:┬áThose with a GPA of 3.00 or higher on their last 60 Undergraduate hours will be admitted unconditionally.┬áThose with a GPA of 2.50-2.99 on their last 60 Undergraduate hours will be admitted provisionally and must maintain minimum grades of “B” in nine hours of CRIJ

What is the Pay for Criminology?
Criminologists study and analyse the justice system, complex crimes, and the criminals who commit them. The average salary of a Criminologist is $83,571 per annum.

What is the Average Salary of a Criminologist?
According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), career opportunities for sociologists, including criminologists, were expected to increase 15% from 2012-2022, which is considered faster than average job growth. In May 2014, sociologists, such as criminologists, earned an average annual salary of $78,810.

How do you Become a Criminologist?
People interested in becoming criminologists usually pursue a minimum of a master’s degree in the field. You could start with a baccalaureate degree in criminology, psychology or sociology. Criminologists also need to understand laws and law enforcement procedures, so you may take criminal justice courses, as well.

What do you do with a Criminology Degree?
People who earn a bachelor’s degree can expect to find jobs such as:

  • Police officer.
  • Corrections Officer.
  • Forensic science technician.
  • Probation and community control officer. Apply Online Admissions
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