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Occupational Therapy, No Need any Degree Program

Previous August 2017, the world most famous American Occupational Therapy Association introduced a mandate requiring entry-level Occupational Therapy Assistants to obtain bachelor’s degrees. The mandate is being re-evaluated due to criticism from practitioners, and for good reason: The proposed change, which may not even produce substantive gain for patients or therapists, would close off valuable opportunities for those unable or unwilling to obtain a four-year degree.

Worst of all, this is part of a damaging trend toward raising degree requirements across the employment market.

Occupational Theraphy is very best and helpful for individuals with illnesses or disabilities perform daily activities, such as dressing themselves, eating, and working. For their part, occupational therapy assistants provide critical support to occupational therapists working directly with patients in a variety of settings, including in homes, hospitals, and workplaces.

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