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Ohio Department of Education Submits Federal Education Plan

The Ohio Department of Education is most famous and administrative department of the Ohio state government responsible for primary and secondary public education in the state, now ODE sent its plan to meet federal Education requirements off to the U.S. Department of Education on Friday after delaying the submission by months to consider feedback from educators and community members.

Each Successfull candidate/student as per Act, which replaced the No Child Left Behind Act in 2015 and gives states and local districts more flexibility, requires states to show how they would use federal funds to improve student achievement and hold districts accountable.

Critics of a draft released in February contended the plan ignored public feedback when it didn’t call for less student testing, and there weren’t substantial changes in the final version submitted last week. But some educators say the plan brings improvements, particularly in measuring student proficiency.

According the Julie Sanford, director of teaching and learning at Sylvania Schools, said she is pleased to see the state propose more realistic long-term progress goals for students. The plan set benchmarks for English language arts and math performance in grades 3-8 and for four-year graduation rates at the high school level. Source

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