Preparing Students Professions Jobs

Preparing Students for Professions with Few Jobs

College Teachers are finding new ways to help Students Find Jobs in Occupations where there are few openings.

Some help their students reach out to people who can help them find hard-to-get Jobs. This person-to-person method is known as “networking.”

They are also offering classes that can help students learn skills outside their chosen Professions. It will help them find jobs if jobs are not available in their first choices for work.

Helping to create tomorrow’s playwrights.

Paula Vogel teaches theater students at Brown University in Rhode Island. Vogel is a prize-winning playwright. She received a Pulitzer Prize for excellence in writing.

There are many more plays written than get produced. Vogel supports her students by helping them connect to a group of people who can help them reach their dreams.

That includes literary agents who represent playwrights her students respect. And that also includes people working in theater productions with Brown University connections. Vogel employed two former Brown students in her show, “Indecent,.” It closed on August 6 after 143 performances on New York’s Broadway.

Vogel is also big on helping talented students believe in themselves. Steven Levenson had two shows performed in New York this year. One is the hit Broadway musical, “Dear Evan Hansen.”

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