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What is a Third Level Degree in Ireland, Study Cost, Schools & Universities

The third-level education sector in Ireland consists of universities, institutes of technology, and colleges of education - collectively known as higher education institutions or HEIs. Third-level qualifications are Levels 6-10 in the National Framework of Qualifications (NFQ).

What Level is a Higher Diploma in Ireland?
Students generally qualify with Higher Certificates (NFQ Level 6) or Ordinary Bachelors degrees (NFQ Level 7). Honours Bachelors degrees (NFQ Level 8), Postgraduate Diplomas (NFQ Level 9) and Higher Doctorate (NFQ Level 10) are also available.

What is a Second Level School in Ireland?
Education is compulsory for children in Ireland from the ages of six to 16 or until students have completed three years of second-level education. The Irish education system is made up of primary, second, third-level and further education.

Is a Graduate Diploma Higher than a Degree?
The graduate diploma is an academic or vocational qualification; as an academic qualification it is often taken after a bachelor's degree although sometimes only a foundation degree is required. The graduate diploma is offered at different levels by different institutions.

How much does it Cost to Study in Ireland?
Precisely how much you will need will vary depending on where you are studying in Ireland, on the type of accommodation you choose and, of course, on your own personal lifestyle. But, on average, we estimate that a student will spend between €7,000 and €12,000 per year.

What is the Cost of Living in Ireland?
The average annual cost of electricity for a two-bedroom property is €987 (US$1,115) If it is available in your chosen location, natural gas for a two-bedroom property averages €740 (US$836) per year.

What is the Best University in Ireland?

  1. List of Universities in the Ireland
  2. Dublin City University.
  3. Dublin Institute of Technology.
  4. Griffith College Ireland.
  5. Maynooth University.
  6. National College of Ireland.
  7. Shannon College of Hotel Management.
  8. Trinity College Dublin.
  9. University College Dublin (UCD
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