Zeropoint IT Jobs, Jobs in Zeropoint IT, Zeropoint IT Jobs

Zeropoint IT Jobs, Jobs in Zeropoint IT

Zeropoint IT is a Belgian enterprise offering businesses a competitive advantage through offshoring. It is well known that the search for the right skills in the European labour market is very difficult and very expensive.
Zeropoint has recruitment centres and creative work spaces in Pakistan and Sri Lanka. Since 2007 we have access to a region where 200 million people live and work. This allows us to respond accurately to your talent needs.
Our model is designed to offer our customers precisely the talented people they are looking for, while allowing them to stay in charge of all their processes.
Since the knowledge and expertise of our web developers are our most important assets we are continually looking for new, ambitious and passionate talents. If you think that you are one of them, do not hesitate to contact us.
Zeropoint IT Address:
H 559, Str 35, E-11/3 Islamabad Pakistan
+92 333 513 40 87
Email: Website:

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